Wednesday, 25 September 2013

After 18 years.


Monday, 9 September 2013

Back to school.

Went back QTSS last thursday to visit because it was teacher's day. (:
I felt really really happy to be back.
You know, certain things/people you used to see almost everyday for 5 years, 
but now you don't. 
Oh well, this is life i guess? 
We need to leave our comfort zone for a better place, for a better future.
Eventually we'll still meet like how we met up on thursday!
It brought back much much memories for sure, 
especially when we were talking about our secondary school life,
how we actually survive through the 5 wonderful years.
Nevertheless, the journey wouldn't be as smooth without the TEACHERS.
They played a BIG role in both the academic & non-academic area.
And that's what teacher's day are for, (: to show our greatest appreciation to them.
Though there are surely times where we're unhappy about their decisions etc,
but eventually you'll realised that it doesn't matter anymore. (:
w/ Ms Yeo

w/ Mr Tan

w/ Ms Liang

Fanclub photo AHAAA!

w/ Phyllis. Cheers to our 5 years of friendship! ^^

w/ Xinhui

w/ Kirby

Impromptu group photo which is also my favourite photo! 
Till then ~


Sunday, 25 August 2013


Today's a stay home monday for me, so i decided to make a short update.
Was pretty busy with exams few weeks back, 
& i'm finally having my HOLIDAYS now *clapclap*
Oh how time flies, one semester just ended like that.
I believe in a blink of an eye i'll be having my intern & then graduate HAHAHA!
Anyway, i've no idea how i'm going to spend my 1 month plus holiday, most probably it'll revolve around eating/sleeping/attending events/drama/shopping/etc. (:
Too lazy to find a job also, but if anyone got lobang can come tell me ahaaa!
Oh well, that's about it.

Sunday, 11 August 2013


Back to update.
We had our IANIZATION gathering on 080813 @ Mad nest.
The place was quite pretty, probably a good place to chill? (:
Anyway, it all started with our dear IAN's opening speech,
after which we had some light refreshments & then games.
Although the gathering wasn't very long, but i certainly enjoyed myself ~
Hence, i sincerely thank the admins for making this gathering a success. ^^

Always so proud of you, really. 

The man. My motivation. Thanks so much.

w/ fangkuais (:

The pretty cupcakes.

Before i end this post, i just want to say how glad i am to be in this FC.
And also how honoured i am to be able to know IAN.
Other than thankful its still thankful ~
Alright, thats about it.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Dinner treat.

Decided to blog because today was pretty much a good day,
although some bitches successfully ruined my mood for a period of time haaaa!
But it's okay ~
Woke up quite early this morning, 
met up with Qilun because both of us wanted to get STAGE 5th anniversary's product. (:
So i basically spent my whole morning/afternoon in town.
After which i went home for awhile & headed out again with mummy.
Didn't have much time to shop so we had dinner @ Ministry of food ^^
It was actually my very very extremely belated birthday meal. HAHA!
Everything was so yummy, although i somehow think that their food quite salty/sweet.
But still it's delicious!
Okay, it's photo time ~

#foodgasm CLAMS!

Cold dessert on a rainy day. 
That's all for today.

Monday, 22 July 2013


Oh well, its monday again, but i actually love mondays because i've only 2 lectures. (:
Anyway, i spent my friday with yiexuan & it was filled with lots of laughter,
like yeah she's my happy pill ~
It was a great catch up with great food of course hahahaha!
Let me show you guys some photos (Didn't took a lot though).
Our first time trying Ramen Champion.

We ordered 2 bowls of ramen, pork terpanyaki, gyoza & yiexuan ordered sushi herself.
I think it was madness, we had a hard time finishing everything HAAAA!
After which we wanted to eat dessert @ berrylite, but it's crowded,
so we decided to choose other dessert shop.
And we walked from Bugis to Raffles city, LOL!

After having yoghurt ice-cream, we walked around for awhile & went to Fruit Paradise for a drink.
Once again it was our first time trying Fruit Paradise, 
I drank ice mocha (if  i didn't remember wrongly). 
It wasn't photogenic so i didn't take photo of it. :/
And yes, we ended our day like that!

Throughout the weekends i spent my time with mummy & assignments.
Nothing much actually.
Oh, went shopping & i bought a sleeveless top. (:
Will post it another day i guess?
Or you guys can take note of my instagram , will post it there soon ~
Till then....

Saturday, 13 July 2013

#Uheygorgeous roadshow.

Decided to blog about today's roadshow since i'm really BORED now.
Went Suntec city with Elaine to see the 12 contestants of #Uheygorgeous. (:
Actually i wasn't really into the show,
in fact i stop watching after the NP's episode.
But i unknowingly saw Wennhon's photo and........ you know what happen la HAHA!
Was pretty disappointed with the roadshow, hmmm.
Probably because i expected more i guess?
Nevertheless, i saw Wennhon, so it wasn't that bad. (:

Thats all for today.
Have to continue with my projects :'(